Sara was a human, but then she moved to a high school that had a drama class. She saw a boy and they went out. She found out that he was a vampire,and he bit her. She is a fledgling. Her best friend was Erica, she was a dork. Erica was going to babysit, but then she saw Sara so she went with her ,and then Jesse came with his friend Gord, who Erica liked. They went to Jesse's party and it was full of the drama club kids (aka vampires), and at midnight they were to drink humans blood to stay alive. Erica got bit by Jessie's friend Gord thus turning her into fledgling. Midnight came and Jessie said that fledglings have to go 1st like the rules, but Sara didnt want to so Erica came and bit Rory completeing her transition into a vampire. Then Jessie fell in love with Erica so they dated then it was the dusk 1:11 premire unbitten and they went and jessie was going to bite everybody their so he could take their souls and summon the vampires who were murdered over 200 years ago. However, Sara killed all the vampires they found out that Benny's gradma was a Earth Priestess. She forms a human blood substitute for Sarah, which satisfies her thirst.